Abstracts of the scientific conference

Scientific activity goes far beyond these – you probably understood this in the first year. The period of professional development has come and it is much better to “feel” the ground of the conference than to look for it. Here, as they say, you can show yourself and look at others. But the main thing is to have something to say to the audience.

This raises the question of what abstracts are and how to write them. If your first steps in science are definite and clear (and these can be considered your first steps on your own), success will not take long. In addition, the ability to prepare information and speak is a useful skill in every field.

What is a scientific thesis and why should it be ordered by Essayswriting.org?

Encyclopedic data indicate the thesis as a short, broad basis of the main idea of ​​the report, dissertation, scientific article, book. It is absurd to imagine that everyone will learn completely from their research. We need a text that will convey the essence and prevent the conference participants from sleeping.

In order not to describe the goals and objectives of the thesis for a long time, we will highlight five key points, what is a scientific thesis:

  • summarize;
  • reveal the essence;
  • approve;
  • present the main ideas;
  • provide conclusions and recommendations.

On 2-3 pages you should include the main point of the study. Example: Imagine you only have 10 minutes to watch a video, which review would you like to watch? And with theses – clearly, concretely, actually, and interestingly.

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What types of dissertations are written on the Essayswriting.org?

The development and publication of abstracts should be based on the main criterion – type. From this point of view, all theses can be divided into several groups:

  • form – publication, presentation of the audience, correspondence hearing;
  • place of presentation;
  • authorship – abstracts of their works or prepared for research, prepared by other authors, co-authorship;
  • complexity – theses can be simple, complex or basic;
  • the order of writing – before or after the main scientific work;
  • presentation style;
  • content – problem formulation, disclosure of new methods of work, research results.

This is not an exhaustive list of points that determine the content and features of these. Who said it would be easy? However, there are no problems with the Essayswriting.org. Here we will prepare the necessary theses, regardless of whether they will be presented to the audience in the hall or published.

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